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Event: Wild Horse Tour

October 24, 2020 at 10:30am edit

This activity has a minimum number of guests required for it to run. While unlikely, it is possible that it will not reach the minimum and you will be notified that it has been canceled.
ages 13+ x $50.00 = $0.00
ages 5-12
kids must weigh at least 40 pounds
x $25.00 = $0.00

About This Event

Our wild horse tour features a unique and memorable two-hour round-trip North toward Carova Beach and False Cape State Park near the Virginia – North Carolina border. Stumps rising from the sand along the ocean bare silent witness to the early existence of an ancient maritime forest. Picturesque scenery and unscheduled appearances of wildlife offer many photo opportunities.

Along the way, the horses are sometimes seen walking along the beach and even playing in the surf! We are very fortunate to have private access into the Wild Horse Conservation Easement, situated on secluded land our family donated for additional habitat area for the Colonial Spanish Mustangs.